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BiteGuard Spray 80ml


BiteGuard Spray 80ml


Pharmexa BiteGuard Spray 80ml Insect Repellent.

Bite Guard is a highly effective long-acting, insect repellant. It is designed to be used 4 hourly to keep Mosquitos, Sandflies and other biting insects away.  Use 3 x per day to keep biting insects away.

Powerful COMBINATION Insect Repellent for NZ’s Insects. Formulated by NZ Pharmacists to create the world’s leading Insect Repellents. Ideal for NZ Conditions (Sand-flies and Mosquitoes) and for travellers… Africa/Asia have Malaria/Yellow Fever/ Ross River Fever/ Elephantiasis/ Leishmaniosis


BiteGuard Spray 80ml


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